Increasing Engagement Through Better Communication

VSP 6 focuses on giving you and your volunteers a better approach to communication. This update includes some of our most requested tools, such as a sent messages outbox, while also expanding features for volunteers!

Introducing the Announcements Pane

The new Announcement pane improves your ability to stay closely connected to your volunteers, including new formatting options like inline images! But don't worry, all of the features you've come to expect from the Emailer, such as template emails and tokens, are still there!

Creating Announcements

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New in the Announcements Pane

Sent Messages and Drafts

Two of our top most requested features! We know you work on multiple projects at once, so our new drafts feature lets you start, stop, and return to emails as needed. You can also view sent messages, including who they were sent to and who opened them.

New in the Announcements Pane

Identify Your Engaged Volunteers

Our new view opens feature lets you see bounced emails and track which specific volunteers have opened each of your emails or texts. This is a great opportunity to see the effectiveness of your messages and identify which of your volunteers are the most engaged.

New in the Announcements Pane

Polls & RSVPs

Have you ever wanted to get quicker responses or feedback from your volunteers? Now you can with our polls and RSVP features that can be embedded directly into your emails. Requesting information and compiling replies has never been easier!

Directed Sub Requests

Streamline even more of your scheduling process with our new directed sub request feature. Volunteers looking for a substitute can now send their request to specific individuals, such as family members or friends, without the need to involve you. And as always, all approved changes will be reflected on your schedule automatically!

Shift Resources

The new shift resources feature allows you to upload media for your volunteers to access online, such as forms, procedural documents, maps and more! Once added, volunteers can click on any shift from an email or within the Web Terminal to view or download these resources.

Improved Mobile App

Your volunteers will appreciate our improved mobile app experience, including the ability to volunteer for a position directly from the Full Schedules tab or from the Open Positions tab. We also made several updates to the backend to improve speed and overall performance.

New Features Overview

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Will I still be able to use the features from the Emailer in the Announcements tab?

Yes! The Announcements pane includes all of the features you love, just in a slightly different format. (Click each below for instructions):

How do I view responses to Polls and RSVPs?

Responses to polls and RSVPs can be viewed by clicking to view the sent email and choosing “manage responses”.

How does a volunteer make a directed sub request?

When following the standard procedure to request a sub, volunteers will now see a new checkbox allowing them to choose who the request is sent to. If left unchecked, the request will follow the same rules as always.

Will my volunteers need to download a new app?

Volunteers who already have the app installed on their phone will need to update to the newly released app, although for most this will be done automatically. New volunteers can access the app by searching the App Store or Google Play from their phone.

How do I upload resources to shifts in the Web Terminal for volunteers to view?

Resources are files that you upload to a shift's plan so that your volunteers can access them online. These can be instructions, maps, waivers, or anything else your volunteers might need to complete their shift.