Video Tutorials
Narrow in on specific set-up features with these quick, step-by-step tutorials.
Getting Started 7 videos
Covers importing volunteers from an Excel spreadsheet, .csv or .txt file.
Learn how to setup and customize an online form to capture new volunteers.
Covers setting up repeating and/or rotational assignments for volunteers.
Emailer5 min
See how the Emailer can help you better communicate with, and engage, your volunteer base.
Discusses how to post a schedule on the web, and how to export for printing.
Reports5 min
Learn how to leverage your schedule data with VSP's reporting tools.
Wondering how the Swap Request process works? You've come to the right video!
Web Terminal 3 videos
Designed for volunteers to learn how to use the Web Terminal.
Covers using the Admin tab privileges as a Shift Leader.
Learn how to set up and use the Sign-in Kiosk to track attendance.
Specific Features 3 videos
Discusses creating rosters of volunteer info to print or post online.
Learn how to setup and use custom fields to capture relevant volunteer info!
Learn how to setup and schedule recurring events, year after year.
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These online training sessions will take you step-by-step through different aspects of the program and include a live Q&A.
Meet the Sign-In Kiosk
August 15, 1:30 PM EST
Recorded Webinars
We record all our webinars, so if you can’t make it live or want to watch it again, you can find past presentations here!
If you are new to VSP, then this is the webinar for you! We will cover the basics of setting up your database and introduce you to VSP features that make scheduling easy. There will be a live Q&A at the end, so be sure to bring any questions you may have about the program.
Still fuzzy on what to do each time you start a new schedule? Join us as we walk through the scheduling cycle from start to finish.
Need an easy and accurate system to make sure you know who showed up to volunteer? Join us as we debut VSP's newest feature: the Sign-in Kiosk. We'll walk you through everything from setting up and managing the kiosk from a schedulers' perspective, to checking in as a volunteer, and generating reports and emails based on attendance.
VSP has many different pieces - schedules, communication tools, online settings, reporting, and more! Make sure that you have the information you need to use each component to its fullest! Whether you're a beginner or a VSP veteran, this webinar will shed light on tips and tricks that will save you time and make navigating the program easier than ever!
Discover all the ways you can customize VSP to fit the branding and tone of your organization. We'll tip you off to all the areas where you can upload logos, edit content, and link to and from your website, to make sure that your organization's messaging to volunteers is clear and consistent!
In this 30-minute presentation, hear answers to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by users like you. We covered topics like Enrollment Forms, the Emailer, Shift Leaders, Live Schedule Posts, and more!
Managing volunteers can be tricky, no matter how many you have. Join us for tips on saving time, getting organized and engaging with volunteers. This 20-minute presentation will show you how to easily accommodate individual preferences, track custom information, and leverage filters to target groups of volunteers.
We know that posting your schedule online can be nerve wracking. Eliminate pre-posting jitters and join us as we walk through all the preparations for making a schedule live and how to control what your volunteers are able to do once you post online. Also, check out the "Going Live" checklist mentioned in the recording
Your database is set up. Now what? Join us as we walk through creating and publishing your next schedule. We'll cover the top 3 methods organizations use to fill their shifts and help you decide which one is best for you. We'll also share best practices in encouraging volunteers to take advantage of their new online privileges.
This 30-minute presentation will highlight how to make the switch from clunky, time-consuming spreadsheets to streamlined scheduling with VSP! Learn how to import volunteer information, create Shifts and Jobs, and give volunteers the tools to update their profiles online, so you can spend less time scheduling your volunteers and more time working with them!
Join us for a demo of exciting new features just added to VSP 5.0! You won't want to miss this webinar, where we'll unveil a never before seen new feature that you're going to love.
Clear communication is a key component of volunteer management. Learn how to save time and more effectively communicate with your volunteers by joining us for a webinar on staying connected. This free, online presentation will review best practices for using Volunteer Scheduler Pro to engage your volunteers.
If scheduling volunteers is still a challenge, join us for an interactive webinar covering tips, tricks, and shortcuts on scheduling volunteers! We'll look at how Volunteer Scheduler Pro will save you time and make it easy for volunteers to get involved.
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